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Fraser Davis

Fraser Davis is a mindfulness meditation teacher offering classes and workshops to individuals, groups, schools and organizations.

Fraser is certified to teach mindfulness by the Greater Good Science Center, University of California, Berkeley having completed their two year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program. She is also a 200-hour trained yoga instructor.


‘I really look forward each week to the meditation/mindful group that Fraser leads. In her calm, wise, yet lighthearted way, she helps us to discover for ourselves new truths and clear insights.  She cultivates an atmosphere of trust and openness within our group that we each value, and that encourages an easy freedom to share our thoughts.  As I work towards being more mindful and less reactionary, with her guidance, I find myself more accepting and appreciative of, as well as at peace with, the present.  I recommend her meditation and yoga classes to anyone curious about the benefits of this time spent in quiet and reflection. - MF, ongoing group participant


'I have been working with Fraser for a year and have noticed such a difference in my mindset and my ability to understand and modify my reactions. Her approach to mindfulness and meditation is warm, welcoming and open. It's an hour I look forward to every week!' -KS, ongoing group participant


'Over the past year and a half I have developed an awareness of my thoughts and actions that I did not have before.  I am grateful for our weekly meditation practice and the lessons I have learned along the way.' - EH, ongoing group participant


‘In the classroom with 9-year-old girls, Fraser led the students through her S.T.O.P technique to help with stress and anxiety. For months after Fraser's visit, the girls remembered to take a break, pay attention to what is happening, offer themselves kindness, and proceed with their day. This technique has helped my students self-regulate and build their confidence. As a teacher, I am so grateful to have this tool in my toolbox.’ - MJ, Fourth Grade Teacher, Laurel School, Cleveland, Ohio 

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