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Fraser is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher offering classes and workshops to individuals, groups, schools and organizations. Fraser is certified by the Greater Good Science Center, University of California, Berkeley having completed their two-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program. She is also a 200-hour trained yoga instructor. As a landscape architect and mother of four teen-aged boys, she has had to learn that relating to life as it IS rather than how she thinks it SHOULD BE requires work and courage but brings peace and ease that is well worth the effort. It is through her practice of mindfulness that Fraser has discovered the wisdom of being present to this moment so as not to miss out on her life. 

Inspired by the power of mindfulness to help enlarge her perspective and improve her overall quality of life, Fraser decided to shift her focus from landscape design to teaching and sharing the mindfulness practices that have so positively impacted her life.

Through mindfulness workshops, multiple-class series, ongoing group practice and yoga classes, Fraser brings the principles of mindfulness and the practice of meditation to life. She experiences great joy in empowering her students with skills and abilities to calm their nervous systems in order to access clear-thinking, healthy interpersonal skills and internal knowing. Fraser has witnessed amazing growth in her students’ emotional intelligence, resilience and stress management. Feel free to read through the testimonials to hear what some of her students have to say. And please check out the guided meditations she offers here on the website.

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